Road Construction Projects

Below is a listing of current and future road construction projects in the City. Be sure to sign up for email notifications to stay informed on the latest road construction updates. 

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Annual Slurry Seal Project

Slurry Seal Zone B Schedule: The City maintains approximately 200 miles of roadway.  Slurry seal provides a protective coating to reduce wear and prevent water from seeping into the roadway, which can cause potholes.

The City of Lake Forest will be slurry sealing Zone B in the summer of 2018, to ensure a safe, smooth roadway surface and make certain the roadways last as long as possible.  At the start of the project, the City will post a map and schedule showing the portions of the streets to be closed at  The schedule allows for on-street parking within 1,000 feet from any home impacted by that day's work.  Slurry sealing will occur during the week, except on trash pick-up days.  

You can stay up-to-date on the project by visiting and search "Slurry Seal Zone B". Or, to receive the latest updates on the project, sign up for our email list at
For any questions please contact Taylor Abernathy, Principal Civil Engineer, (949) 461-3490, or Douglas Erdman, Assistant City Engineer/Engineering Services Manager, (949) 282-5233.

Map of Slurry Seal Zones

Lake Forest Slurry Seal Zone Map