Current Projects and Recent Decisions

Updated as of March 15, 2019

Most decisions are effective 15 days after the date of the City’s Notice of Decision unless an appeal is filed.

Administrative approvals by the Director of Community Development may be appealed to the Planning Commission. Planning Commission decisions may be appealed to the City Council. Any appeal must set forth in writing the specific grounds for the appeal and be directed to the City Clerk. Refer to the Municipal Code for more information regarding the appeals process, or contact the City Clerk at (949) 461-3420.
For information on a specific project, please contact the planner assigned to that project.
Planner Title Phone Email
Gayle Ackerman
Director of Community Development (949) 461-3463
Niki Wetzel Assistant Director of Community Development (949) 461-3479
Ron Santos
Senior Planner (949) 461-3449
Marie Luna Senior Planner (949) 461-3466

Debbie Drasler Contract Senior Planner (949) 461-3466
Jennifer Mansur
Associate Planner (949) 461-3472
Amanda Lauffer
Associate Planner (949) 461-3491

Current Projects

For a list of projects that the Planning Division is currently processing, click here.

Kingdom Halls Project Environmental Documentation (23061 and 23071 El Toro Road) 

Public Review Period from January 4, 2019 to January 23 ,2019.

This project includes General Plan Amendment 03-18-5133, Zone Change 03-18-5134, Site Development Permit 03-18-5137, Tentative Parcel Map 03-18-5135, and General Plan Conformance 12-18-5240 for the construction of two new buildings (Kingdom Halls), which will be used for religious purposes. If you have any questions about this project or the following environmental information, please contact Jennifer Mansur, Associate Planner at or (949) 461-3472. 
Notice of Intent (NOI)
Kingdom Hall Final Mitigated Negative Declaration - Initial Study
Draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for Public Review
Appendix A: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Analysis
Appendix B: Cultural Resources Inventory & Paleontology Records Search
Appendix C: Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
Appendix D: Noise Impact Analysis
Appendix E: Traffic Impact Analysis
Appendix F: Preliminary Hydrology Report
Appendix G: Geotechnical Engineering Report
Appendix H: Conceptual Water Quality Management Plan
Appendix I: Proposed Project Plans

Recent Decisions

The table below is a list of recent decisions and corresponding appeal periods, when applicable.
Case No. Planner Approving Body Description Location Applicant Status
CP 02-19-5249 ML Admin  Exterior façade and landscape modifications to the existing Holiday Inn Hotel which is being renovated as a Hilton Garden Inn. 2131 Lake Center Drive Narendra Patel, SoCal Hospitality, Inc. Approved on March 13, 2019. Appeal period to end on April 28, 2019.
TTM 18162/UP 06-18-5172 AL PC A request for the subdivision and development of 15.23 acres in the southerly portion of the previously-approved Serrano Summit Development with 101 single family homes, a private community recreation center, landscaping, and private streets (Amara at Serrano Summit). South of Commercentre Drive, between Civic Center Drive and Serrano Summit Drive Lennar Homes Approved on March 14, 2019. Appeal period to end on April 1, 2019.
TTM 18189 DD PC A request to further subdivide the northerly portion of a previously-approved residential subdivision (TTM 17331) into numbered and lettered lots for the development of residential, park, and street uses (Backbone-Serrano Summit). South of Commercentre Drive, between Biscayne Bay Dr. and Indian Ocean Drive Lennar Homes Approved on March 14, 2019.  Appeal period to end on April 1, 2019.